The AquaNautas Team

Manager: Emile van der Heijden

My name is Emile van der Heijden. I'm 46 years old, married. I've a Dutch passport and I have my Dominican residency (since 1992). And I have a degree in sports and physics plus a vast experience in the entertainment business. I speak 6 languages almost fluently. I know the area of Dominicus / Bayahibe very well and I have excellent connections with both the Dominicans as the foreign residents. I offered my services to major international hotel groups such as Inter-Continental and Melia Hotels (Mallorca). I gained my main experience as sports club manager in Santo Domingo and head of entertainment in Spain for over 1 decade.

Currently I'm in charge of AquaNautas in Bayahibe. If you've any questions about helmet diving please don't hesitate to ask me.

Head Instructor: Ariel

Currently I'm the head instructor of AquaNautas in Bayahibe. I will be the one who goes with you in the water and I will guide the underwater walk. I also make the video and photo shots underwater. The reef at Bayahibe is my second home and I do my best to show you some remarkable sealife.

Surface Instructor: Ramon

I'm the surface instructor of AquaNautas. I'm the captain of the Semi-Sub that brings you to the platform. I stay at the surface and I will watch the walk from above. I help with the helmets and I check the air pressure; if necessary I will switch the system to the back up tanks. However this has never happened. I've got an easy job....

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